A Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mum

I bet everyone thinks its easy right? we have the best life? not working just getting to spend it lounging around with our babies right? Oh I wish, the truth is its not easy, being a parent is not easy. It leaves you exhausted and takes a mental and physical toll on you, ah what I’d do to go back to sleeping in past 5am, to be able to get up and only worry about getting myself prepared for the day. Instead I wake up to little hands gouging out my eyeballs and slobber dripping on my face that’s not mine, I wake up to a pleasant smell of poop, rollover and end up in a wet patch of fresh urine because my adorable baby pulls of his nappy. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad if it was after 6am or even if the sun was up.


I drag myself and Rialyn out of bed and I pop him with his toys and put on his favourite show whilst I stumble to the kettle, because we all know caffeine is a definite when you have a kid. I prepare Rialyn’s breakfast as soon as possible which is the usual vegemite toast with a side of yoghurt because all hell would rise if I dared to sit down without his food ready. He’s placed in his highchair and eating (by eating I mean throwing his food on the ground and smashing it onto his body) Hes entertained so that’s my queue to slump onto the dining room chair and reflect on what we’ll be doing today, not like it’d be something different to the everyday arguments with a 10 month old, and not leaving the house.

So breakfast has been all thrown around the house and now he’s attempting to escape his chair whilst screaming the whole neighbourhood down. Placed on the ground he so happily crawls over to the dvd stand and pulls them all out one by one because who wouldn’t right? mum obviously enjoys picking them up 100 times a day right? Oh and don’t forget that fun game where he so cleverly climbs the TV stand and tries to pull the TV on top of himself because that ones a huge crack up. Now its around 10am and he’s reached the ‘I’m going to scream and cry and throw tantrums at everything because I’m tired” stage, I don’t blame him he had such and exhausting night and morning trying to wake mummy up and play, he obviously deserves a nap.


Babies asleep so now mum can rest, sadly that’s not the case because last nights dishes are still on the bench and the house is destroyed from this mornings episode, no worries though I’ll clean it for it to be just demolished again when he wakes back up. The housework is almost finished and I fill with joy because he’s still asleep so I might actually get to sit down for abit.  Yes! Victory! I sit down and grab my phone out to see what people that actually have a social life are doing, stopped right in my tracks though as I here little whimpers that escalate to full blown screams in a matter of seconds. Again I’m up and get greeted with that same cheeky smile that I love when I open his bedroom door.

This is how the day continues up until dinner, yes lets talk about dinner. Here I m cooking a wonderful meal for Rialyn and I and just as I’m about to serve, there lays my starving child asleep on the floor, without food. Great! just wonderful isn’t it, I cart him to his cot and tuck him in. 8pm is the next I hear from that kid of mine screaming for his dinner because I’m such a terrible mum for making him fall asleep without food. He eats his dinner, by eat you know what I mean. By this time he’s had a total of three baths today and mum has no energy left for one more so horrible me gives him a wipe down with a wet wipe. Finally the long awaited bed time I look forward to all day, to go to my bed and lay down and just relax and think about how I’m going to enjoy doing this same exact thing the next morning.

All said and done I would never change it for anything in this world. The same repetitive routine all day everyday and having no friends or anyone to talk to drives me insane but I wouldn’t have it any other way, because when I see that little face look up at me and when I receive those lovely gifts of old food or whatever else he’s managed to find on the ground and see how proud of himself he is and the little sparkle in his eyes and the little toothy pegs that’s poking through his gums I know this is where I’m meant to be and what I’m meant to be doing.


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