Being A Young Mum

When you hear 15 years old you think school, parties, experimenting with the oncoming joys of being a young adult, attitude, still a kid, not mature at all right? When you hear 15 years old would you ever think pregnant?. Could you imagine a 15 year old having a baby? That’s ridiculous, she’s still a baby, she won’t be able to handle a kid, she’s definitely not mature enough for that responsibility, her mum will just end up with it. 

That’s some of the many things I heard when I was pregnant, never a congratulations or a good luck just a whole lot of lectures on how I ruined my life and how I’ll ruin my child’s life. Would you be saying this stuff to a 30 year old having a baby?. Age does not define wether you’ll be a good mother or not, age does not define maturity nor does it define capabilities and make me any less of a mother than what any other mum is. A baby didn’t ruin my life, he saved it. From the second I found out I was carrying life in that moment everything I started doing was for him, and I’ll continue to choose him until the day I die. 

Don’t get me wrong it does have its dark days but that’s motherhood in general, wether you’re 15 or 40. You often wonder where in this roller coaster of life did you lose all your friends? but I can tell you now hanging out with a baby is not every teenagers dream and I’m okay with that, I wanted to be a mum and this is the life I chose, I don’t need to force my child or I on to my old friends. It was my decision to start my family a little early and to grow up a little earlier, you lose friends but you gain more as you now meet other mums and you can talk to these mum friends more than you can talk to your old friends because you both have the same interests and that’s your precious babies. They’ll understand if you’re late to an event because your baby has spewed all over your clothes, or you can’t make it because your little person is sick. They understand the crazy world of motherhood.

Maternal instincts are natural, age does not affect them in any way, shape or form and we need to stop the whole ‘Teen mums aren’t good mums’ attitude because I can tell you now some of us young mums are doing a lot better of a job then what some older mums are. AGE IS NOT A FACTOR in how good of a mum you are. It’s tough, but I get through it, I push through it for that little person that’s looking up to me. We’re everything in those little people’s eyes and I plan to live up to all the expectations my son has of me. He’s my number one and I’m his and that’s what I love about being a mum. 


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